There's more to sport than kicking a ball around, posing in front of the cameras, and the perennial transfer soap opera.

Sport has something for everyone. Even if you don't like football,  don't hate the Argies and prefer driving down the shop to get booze and fags, to a morning run in the rain.

Sport is part of our culture. It touches our social lives, our health and our education. Its drama, fun and friendship. Its about winning and losing, but also about the experience. Whatever the barstool Beckenbauers down the pub, might say.

I write for the Cricketer, FourFourTwo, the Independent, Inside Cricket, When Saturday Comes, Readers Digest, Coaching Edge, Sports Management, Engineering and Technology Magazine, All Out Cricket, Sports Insight, IEEE Spectrum, German Life.

This year I was shortlisted for best print writer  at British Society Magazine Editors Rising Stars  

I also won a TABPI (Trade Association of Business Publishers International) Gold Award for Best Special Section as part of the E&T team who produced the James Bond Spectre special

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Oh, and I got a mention in Kevin Pietersen's book

I write a sports technology column for E and T Magazine 

Football mad British nurse helps South African youngsters get HIV treatment

Olympic security for Sochi or a huge surveillance operation ahead of Russia's invasion of neighbouring Crimea

Sochi Olympic Security.pdf Sochi Olympic Security.pdf
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Brazilian authorities use flying drones, bomb disposal robots and facial recognition technology at the World Cup

World Cup security technology.pdf World Cup security technology.pdf
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Life skills for youngsters and business leaders at Liverpool FC

The Liverpool Way.pdf The Liverpool Way.pdf
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Tennis isn't all about Pimms, cucumber sandwiches and nice clean trainers.

Inner City Tennis Readers Digest.pdf Inner City Tennis Readers Digest.pdf
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Middle order rock or anonymous  presence?

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